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Captain of Crush bog

Ny opdateret version af Captain of Crush bogen. Inkluderer 20% ny information, som primært omhandler træningen med Captain Of Crush grippers. En bog som vil glæde enhver der interesserer sig for grebsstyrke og er fascineret af Captain of Crush grip træning.

What They Are and How to Close Them
by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D., J. B. Kinney and Nathan Holle

Get Armed With the Facts, From History to Training
Captains of Crush Grippers are an icon: they changed the world, are the gold standard of hand grippers, and have a history that is unrivalled in its richness and tradition. Along the way, we have heard some interesting stories about our grippers--some true and some not--and we have even had some people volunteer as our spokesmen on the subject. We like enthusiasm and certainly appreciate all this attention, but because we place a premium on knowledge and honesty and because nobody knows our grippers the way we do, we decided that it was time to get the true story down on paper.

Randall Strossen, the guy who has nurtured the development of these grippers for over 15 years, tells you their history and covers such basics as their evolution and what gripper ratings mean, and he also explains the general strategies we have found to be most useful for training on our Captains of Crush Grippers, including what has become one of the world's most recognized feats of strength: closing a No. 3. Strossen also rips through some of the most common myths we have heard about our grippers and gives the reader some interesting anecdotes that no gripper aficionado would want to be without. Next, taking training to a whole new level, Captains of Crush Grippers: What they Are and How to Close Them presents chapters written by Joe Kinney and Nathan Holle, the first and second guys we certified for closing a No. 4, in which you'll find out how they each trained to accomplish this otherworldly feat of hand strength. Want to train like the champs? Here's how.

Get the inside story: whether you want to be an expert on grippers or get certified on the No. 3, or just like grippers and hand strength, you will absolutely love this book. We're the only ones who could have written it--and so we did!

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Captain of Crush bognone